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As we are now four months in business, we thought it’s time to recap on everything that has happened until now.

On October 3rd, after a year of hard work, we launched the new esports organization, Sissi State Punks.

When we first started planning to merge two of the biggest and successful organizations in the DACH region, nobody could predict what the next months had in store and how it would change the world forever!

What was the original concept? 

We intended to merge esports, music and entertainment, join forces with musicians and artists, host big events and compete in as many tournaments as possible. 

Every tournament, every match, every victory our players would bring in, would’ve been followed by stage entertainment and celebration.

But then the pandemic stuck!

Live events were impossible, due to the safety for our players and community. Tournaments were canceled left and right or took place online. 

Thus, we had to rethink and reevaluate everything we planned, before we even started. 

Live Music without a live stage? 

Nearly every industry got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. But nobody was impacted more, than the live music industry.

With clubs, bars and concert venues shut down, we noticed, that many musicians experimented with new ways to reach their fans. Livestreams on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and especially Twitch, online became the new home for artists to connect to their fans. 

Our new challenges aside, we wanted to help our Sissi State Punks music friends in these trying times. 

“Why not give our friends, our platforms?”, we thought to ourselves. The place, where we play, chat, create and enjoy music anyway. A place, where Covid and the pandemic had no place. A place, where we are in charge. Not the pandemic! A place, there the show goes on. 

Here comes the punks!

Shorty after we made the decision, to support our friends, we welcomed Paddy from the hardcore band “Nasty”, and Marc from the metal core band “Caliban” to our streaming squad. Why? Because we share the passion of gaming and saw the opportunity to help them, kickstart their twitch career! 

Marc and Paddy also represent and share the values of SSP, thus it was a no-brainer to work with these two insanely creative artists, who surprised us with their motivation and ideas from the get go. 

We also welcomed the talented TikTok Artist, Sophie with her natural entertaining- and inspiring talent to our ever-growing streaming family.

Last but no least, we added Marco Pogo from Turbobier into our streaming roster. In addition to his music career, Marco is also an Austrian politician who will be seen in many streams to come. 

With these four new members of our streaming squad, we will establish a club channel on twitch, with over 20 hours of livestream content per week. By channeling all streams to one channel, we grant every single streamer additional exposure to a new fanbase in return, and get exposure from their individual fan base to our SSP club channel.  

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but that won’t stop us from rocking the stage. Even if it’s only online for the foreseeable future!

As Brian May from Queen wrote it perfectly in one of the best songs of all time: “The Show Must Go On!” and we are here to own it. No. TO ROCK IT!

 More is coming soon. Stay tuned!