We are the Punks

Sissi State Punks – Entertaining esports! We want to bring more entertainment into esports. Only a great and fascinating show can help this young and modern sport continue to grow. This is exactly where we start!

The idea of founding an organization was born out of a need. The need, that esports and entertainment are not as combined as they should be.
That´s why the punks grew up to rock the stage – not only with the best players but also with the best show.


The catch phrase symbolizes Sissi State Punks philosophy and the interaction with our unique community. We don‘t call ourselves a classic esports club but an entertainment organization. Means, we aim to create a closer connection between the gaming and music industry and show that one doesn‘t have to follow the stream to be internationally competitive.

About the Punks

Our logo should be as simple as possible, but at the same time it should make clear who we are. The female silhouette has several meanings: Firstly, it should be a reminder of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary. Furthermore, it represents the SSP‘s unambiguous support for women in esports. The woman‘s hairstyle symbolizes youth culture and individuality. The background is reminding of a shield, which in combination with the colours black and yellow is inspired by the empress‘s family crest.

Sissi is derived from the Empress Elisabeth of Austria – Hungary, called Sissi.
State stands for our country of origin Austria.
Punks represents individuality and youth culture, and is supposed to highlight the link to music and entertainment.