New content creator: Fae La Blanche

Diversity is a really big thing at SSP! Besides our diverse streamers, we are very happy to welcome Fiona "Fae La Blanche", our first cosplayer, to our ranks. You can follow Fae live on Twitch, or admire her cosplay outfit at our offline events in the future.

"This is an important step for the future of SSP. Entertainment is an important part of who we are and what better way to get attention than to have a pretty cosplayer with you?" Patrick Krippner, President Sissi State Punks.

So Fae La Blanche joins the already strong streamer and content creators team and also brings a lot of experience as a cosplayer, as well as decent reach. Over 16,700 followers on Instagram speak for themselves. And you'll be seeing a lot more of her soon!