Sissi State Punks

Sissi State Punks – Entertaining esports! We want to bring more entertainment into esports. Only a great and fascinating show can help this young and modern sport continue to grow. This is exactly where we start!

The idea of founding an organization was born out of a need. The need, that esports and entertainment are not as combined as they should be. That´s why the punks grew up to rock the stage – not only with the best players but also with the best show. The punks are your new spot for high quality esports mixed with music and a bunch of entertainment.


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At the beginning of the split, we were declared underdogs or not even noticed by...

On 19.12.2022 the punks of SSP invited to their Christmas party at Café Carina in...

Gamers are boring? We don’t think so. Vienna Comic Con was awesome! We had a...

Do you remember what you did on 20.04.2022?! At that time, we decided to have...

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