Official Jersey 2022

Do you remember what you did on 20.04.2022?! At that time, we decided to have our new jersey designed via a community competition. Many of you sent us suggestions and we were surprised how creative you peeps are. Until 30.04. we received countless submissions.

Our management has discussed for a long time and could finally agree on three designs that we have sent into the race for you. You all had to decide who should win the 250€ for the best design.

We were so curious to see if one of the jerseys could convince you. With just 3.1% more @svinmedia won shortly before @macom1337.

svinmedia could be happy about the 250€ and we about a really cool new jersey.

For us it was a daring experiment, because we didn't know if the contest would be accepted at all and if we could find a cool design in the process. We are very happy about our new Jersey 2022! And who wants can already buy it now:

And speaking of the community... do you already know Siegfried Strauss? He is also part of the big SSP family. And what he has to do in a news about clothing, that’s what we‘ll tell you very soon.