SSP @ A1 eSports Festival 2022

To make it short: It was hot, beer was flowing and the punks rocked again!

At the A1 eSports Festival, which took place on a 35 degrees hot June 18th in the Austria Center Vienna, we were represented with our own booth and were able to create a great atmosphere in the hall with our own Spotify playlist. Of course, some Monster Energy or turbo beer was flowing as well.

After our SSBU pro player Alex fought his way through the VCA Singles tournament, he was allowed to show what he can do against Sintro on the main stage. Finally our smashers could achieve very good placements:

@AleXssbu 3/96
@Sansi_LUL 5/96
@buziSSBU 13/96

But this was not the end of the event for us. After all, the brilliant final in Valorant was still to come: SSP vs. UoL

In a Bo3 the winner of the cup should be determined, but it took only 2 games (1 OT and 1 very short) to show that punks are better than unicorns. In the end we won with 15-13 (Bind) and 13-3 (Icebox).

All in all a great one-day-event where we could show who we are in our hometown Vienna. #VAMOSSP